Thursday, 1 March 2012

What's In Your Head?

Hello! my lack of updates is terrible, I apologise to you all! I've found my camera lead now, so will update more often I promise!

I'm officially on the dole, and going to Peterlee Job Centre every two weeks is sucking out my soul. Luckily i'm starting to get more hours at the radio station i've been volunteering at so hopefully I can sign off soon! Sadly the life of a freelance Broadcast Assistant means that sometimes you get shit loads of work, sometimes you get no work at all.

I've been slobbing around in outfits like this:

(I have NO idea why it looks a bit strange around the crotch there - I think I need a smaller pair of jeans!)

Jeans - New Look
T Shirt - River Island
Hoodie - Stolen from Luke originally from American Apparel
Hat - New Look

The song currently in my head, which is driving me mad because I've heard it about twice in my life and I have no idea why it's stuck in there!

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