Thursday, 1 March 2012

I am Titanium

Hello everyone!!

please appreciate my tidy room in these pictures, despite being 22 every time my room is tidy I call my mum and and make her look. Usually this is met with a sigh. But you've got to appreciate your small achievements!

I went to Durham the other day to mooch about and ended up meeting with my friend Aaron, who works at a cafe called Flat White, which I highly recommend. Every time I go in, they know to give me a triple shot cappuccino. WE got food from Tesco and sat by the river in the sun. A lovely day!

Shirt - River Island
Leggings - New Look
Jacket - New Look
Necklace - New Look
Bag - Vintage

I love this shirt. I found it on a random trip to River Island. I was walking out thinking I couldn't find anything and lo and behold there it was. It's not the most flattering of things but it's something I wear very regularly. Also this is my beloved pleather jacket. I've had it since 2008 and it's peeling and a bit shapeless but throwing it over any outfit just completes them.

The song in my head at the moment;

I'm not a huge fan of David Guetta I must admit but every time this song comes on the radio I go a bit mad. That's what I love about radio. I could just search for this song on youtube and listen to it over and over again but it makes it better when it comes on by surprise.

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